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“Not only did the [SPS] Green Machine increase our productivity and reduce the scrap level, it gave us better on-time delivery in a short period of time.”

–Tom Papp, President, Berkeley Contract Packaging

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As industry pros know, contemporary side-sealing units are the Achilles’ heel of any shrink line. The super-hot ambient heat generated from the sealing mechanisms often warps, melts, or breaks drive belts and other components, frequently halting lines for skilled maintenance and part replacements. Developed in partnership with Clysar®, the SPS Green Machine uses patented technology that operates at lower ambient temperatures, virtually eliminating spare parts costs and the hassles of downtime, all while boosting energy and line efficiency for a kinder – and smarter – shrink wrapping alternative.

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From pharmaceutical and contract packaging industries to building supplies and consumer product goods (CPG), the SPS Green Machine is a shrink line staple for trusted brands nationwide.


Are you ready to elevate your company’s profits and efficiency – all while reducing its carbon footprint? Contact us to get started with a 1-month free trial of the SPS Green Machine.

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Earth-and Profit-Friendly Benefits


Less energy consumption

High heat-sealing processes drain precious energy and profits, but the SPS Green Machine’s mechanics are different. Its patented sealing method uses lower ambient temperatures, requiring less power for a smaller carbon footprint and a bigger bottom line.


Less landfill-bound film waste

Weak and open seals are the dreaded norm with traditional side-sealing equipment, notoriously generating loads of landfill-bound film waste and hours of rework. The SPS Green Machine’s technology provides a more robust film seal, providing less film waste and fewer time-consuming rewraps.


Source reduction

With the ability to run films as low as 30 gauge, including recycled film, the SPS Green Machine lets you swap out thicker films for thinner alternatives, effectively preventing waste before it happens. You can also replace bulky cartons with ShrinkBox® films, further reducing your packaging volume.


Virtually no maintenance

No hot knives or wires and fewer mechanical parts translate to less downtime for maintenance support and longer component life. The measurable result is greater throughput and lower costs. Have an issue with your SPS Green Machine? We stand behind our equipment with a lifetime parts coverage (sans belts).


Improved line efficiency

With more downtime required for setting and maintenance, many side sealing jobs take longer. Thanks to its low-maintenance and productivity-enhancing design, the SPS Green Machine lets you seal the same number of packages in less time, boosting productivity per kilowatt-hour by up to 50%.


Recyclable film-friendly

Savvy customers want environmentally friendly packaging materials, including recyclable single-use shrink film. The SPS Green Machine is compatible with Clysar EVO™ and EVOX™ recyclable shrink films that qualify for store drop-off recycling, giving you an eco edge over your competitors.


The SPS Green Machine Provides Real Results

The SPS Green Machine has been tremendously successful for over 1,000 companies nationwide, including Berkeley Contract Packaging. A contract packager based in Kenilworth, NJ, Berkeley was one of the first to achieve notable success. According to its president and general manager (GM), the SPS Green Machine offered:

• Quick retrofit installation 

• Simplified set-up process

• Increased throughput by 50% 

• Improved repeatability and seal consistency

• Reduced scrap level

• Better on-time delivery

• Reduced downtime and skilled maintenance

Read more about how the SPS Green Machine helped Berkeley Contract Packaging improve its energy- and shrink line efficiencies.

Signature Features & Capabilities

Explore a few design features and advantages of the revolutionary SPS Green Machine:

  • The proprietary hot-tip sealing device operates at lower temperatures than hot knife and hot wire seal systems.
  • Easily retrofits to most side-sealing machines.
  • Built-in jam sensor stops the line for wedged packages and film in the side seal.
  • Seals various film thicknesses from 30 to 400 gauge (4 mil).
  • Seals multiple sized products, from on-pack trial sizes to “irregular” multipacks.
  • Designed for use with industry-leading Clysar polyolefin and polyethylene shrink films.
  • Digital temperature controls for ease-of-use.
  • Simplified set-up for repeatability among runs.
  • Self-compensating seal adjustments for consistent seal appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who developed the SPS Green Machine?

SPS engineers sought to improve shrink line efficiencies to allow companies to seal more packages per hour, reduce rewraps, and be gentler on the environment. They discovered that by lowering operating temperatures and changing the way film is sealed could accomplish these goals. The result of their ingenuity became what today is known as the SPS Green Machine.

Why should I choose SPS?

We’ve been a proven and revolutionary packaging industry leader since 1970. We believe that our people make the difference and have committed to the core values of safety, integrity, service, entrepreneurship, teamwork, accountability, respect, and passion for being the best. We’re proud to provide the SPS Green Machine in partnership with another respected industry leader, Clysar.

Why Clysar?

Formerly owned by DuPont Corp., Clysar has been the leading national manufacturer of high-performance, USA-made polyolefin shrink packaging since 1963. We chose to partner with Clysar on the SPS Green Machine because of its exceptional quality and commitment to environmental and socially responsible solutions.

Will the SPS Green Machine fit my wrapper?

The SPS Green Machine fits on most wrapping machines, and the retrofit process is quick and easy, ensuring you can get up and running as fast as possible. Our SPS packaging specialists can evaluate your equipment to ensure successful integration.

How long does it last?

There is no limit to the number of runs the SPS Green Machine can deliver. Once it’s retrofitted to your equipment, it will effectively replace your old inefficient side sealing process indefinitely. If you encounter a problem with your machine, we will cover the cost of your parts with the only exception being the tracking belts.

How do I get an SPS Green Machine?

SPS Green Machines are available for unlimited use at no charge with an SPS-Clysar film contract. You can also receive one as part of a monthly rental program if you plan to use another brand of film.

Do I have to use Clysar film exclusively?

No, but by combining the expertise of SPS and premium quality Clysar shrink film you can receive an SPS Green Machine at no cost!  Talk to an SPS packaging expert today about how we can put an agreement together for your operations.

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If you want to cool down your shrink line – and heat up your sustainability efforts and cost savings – get started with a 1-month free trial of the SPS Green Machine. For a limited time, we’ll also throw in a free sample roll of Clysar Gold or a recyclable EVO or EVOX film to demonstrate just how efficient your shrink line can be.

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